The Department of Neurosurgery in the University of Athens is the most eminent and historic clinic of its kind in Greece. The affiliation of the department of Neurosurgery with the Medical School of the University of Athens took place in the year 2000 but it was established in 1951 at Evangelismos Hospital. The first director was the memorable Prof. B. Griponisiotis, who was also the first specialised neurosurgeon in Greece. He was one of the students of Prof. P. Kokkalis, the originator of applied neurosurgery in our country. At the same time neurosurgical operations at Evangelismos Hospital are performed from Professor of neurology I. Patrikios, as well as from other surgeons. You may visit the “History” pages for more information.


Today the department of Neurosurgery is situated at Evangelismos one of the largest and best equipped hospitals in Greece. Each year more than 7500 patients are examined in our clinic, 1500 patients are hospitalised and from those 750 are operated. The clinic owns high technological equipment to face a broad spectrum of neurodisorders as well as treat injuries of the neuro-muscular and sensory system. Recently clinical research has been intensified with the adjunction of the Hellenic Centre for Neurosurgery Research (HCNR) “Professor Petros S. Kokkalis” whose aim is the application of information technology and the combination of neurotechnology and neuroscience in practical applications of neurosurgery.

Our expert neurosurgeons are capable to operate difficult and high precision surgeries with very small and very accurate incisions that target and focus exactly on the problem (e.g. tumor extraction) in such a way that the event of damage is highly unlike.