Evangelia Liouta, MSc



Evangelia Liouta, MSc




Κλινικός Neuropsychologist



Clinical / Research Neuropsychology Associate, Hellenic Center for Neurosurgery Research, Deapartment of Neurosurgery, University of Athens, Evangelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece.

Teaching staff in MSc Clinical Neuropsychology postgraduate programme. National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School, Athens, Greece



Research assistant, European Research Project ‘HIVE’. Hellenic Center for Neurosurgery Research, Deapartment of Neurosurgery, University of Athens, Evangelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece.

Teaching staff in BSc Psychology undergraduate program. Coordinator in Courses: Biopsychology I & II, Cognitive Neuropsychology and Advanced Topics in Memory. IST College, University of Hertfordshire,UK

Clinical Assistant, Neurofeedback Center, Athens, Greece



Dr Sc.Hum. candidate, Medical School, University of Tubingen,Germany (2014-)

MSc Neuropsychology. University of Bristol, Bristol, UK (2006).

BSc(Hons) Psychology. University of Greenwich, London, UK (2004).


Publications in peer-reviewed international journals


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