White Matter Dissection – Neurosurgical Anatomy, 28-29 September & 30-2 October 2020

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28-29 September 2020




30 September – 2 October 2020




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Athens Microneurosurgery Laboratory


We are pleased to announce the 6th International course on Neurosurgical Anatomy and White Matter Dissection which will be held at the Athens Microneurosurgery Laboratory, Athens, Greece in September 2020.


In the first part of this hands-on  course, the participants will have the opportunity to identify and dissect most of the basic cerebral fiber tracts through the white matter dissection technique. In the second part, trainees will review the basic skull base anatomy encountered during common and more advanced neurosurgical approaches to the cranial compartments through stepwise cadaveric dissections.


At the end of this educational activity the participants should be able to:

-Provide an overview of the complex skull base and cerebral white matter anatomy

-Describe in an efficient and stepwise manner the most common neurosurgical approaches for the treatment of vascular /neoplastic lesions.

-Link white matter anatomy to functional brain connectivity.


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